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collection of extremely useful DOM helpers

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Freedom, Power, and the Conservative Mind


On Monday the Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Affordable Care Act, ruling that privately-owned corporations don’t have to offer their employees contraceptive coverage that conflicts with the corporate owners’ religious beliefs.

The owners of Hobby Lobby, the plaintiffs in the case,…

Damn right.

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70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet


1. — Find something random to watch on Netflix.
2. — Find somewhere to drink a pint in the sun.
3. — Upload your gifs.
4. — Convert documents.
5. — Download all the free software you want at the…

Cool list

(Source: dailyzenlist)

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Reminder: Tonight in Conference Room A


Just a reminder: we’re in conference room A at the Central Library. See you there!

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KYJSUG Next Meeting This Thursday, June 26


This month we’re at the Lexington Central Library Room A 4th floor at 7PM (

Get ready scripting fans — its gonna be pretty awesome. Please invite anyone who you think would get something out of this meet up.

This month we’re going to cover two…